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The Whitefish Chain is this Brainerd fishing guide's favorite body of water. Known for its numerous walleyes and big northern pike, the Whitefish Chain is excellent option for catching limits of walleye pike throughout the summer. While most Brainerd fishing guides switch to bass in August, John prefers to target walleyes. Years of fishing experience has taught this Brainerd fishing guide the needed skills to consistently catch limits of walleyes in August. John's favorite summer technique for catching walleyes in the summer is live bait rigging. Using fresh healthy chub minnows is the key to this method. Live bait is expensive and hard to keep alive in the summer months. Many Brainerd fishing guides opt not to use it for these two reasons. While many fishing guides have become GPS fisherman, running from spot to spot to try their luck; John prefers to mark fish on his electronics before wetting a line. Key locations are just outside of the weeds in 12 to 18 feet of water. The best spots usually have a steady wind blowing into structure. The key to live bait rigging is the ability to hover a boat in most wind conditions. A skill some Brainerd fishing guides work years to master. In some circles this time of fishing is called spot fishing. A marker buoy is usually tossed out when the walleye school is found on the electronics. This helps with positioning of the boat. (Some Brainerd fishing guides will not mark a school because it invites unwelcomed guests.) The live bait rig is then lowered into the hungry school of walleye while the fishing guide holds the boat above the school. The neat thing about fishing a healthy chub minnow is the action it provides before the bite. The rod will literally quiver before the strikes. Brainerd fishing guides call this their bite detector. Drop the rod tip when a bite is detected and pause for three to five seconds before setting the hook with a long deliberate sweep of the rod. Most Brainerd fishing guides prefer 7+ foot spinning rod spooled with 8lb test line when live bait rigging. There is still a debate about mono vs braided lines. Some fishing guides in Brainerd MN still like mono while others have switched to synthetic braids.


John is an excellent fishing guide for groups wishing to catch walleye, bass, or northern pike in the Brainerd Lakes. He is good with novice and expert anglers alike. John works as a high school math teacher in the winter months and his teaching spirit is evident while fishing with him in a boat. He has loads of patience and goes the extra distance needed to keep customers on fish. John typically runs a Ranger pro staff boat with a windshield. His boats are usually twenty one foot in length and powered by a 250hp Mercury Verado 4-stroke. He can accommodate fishing groups with up to five individuals. This fishing guide is good with couples, families, children, and expert anglers. John, like all of the fishing guides in the Brainerd coalition, will provide all gear, tackle, and live bait. He can pick you up from your hotel, cabin, or resort.

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