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Every fishing guide in Brainerd, Minnesota has their favorite technique for catching early season walleyes. Todd's favorite is dragging a jig. This technique is extremely effective when walleyes are feeding on shiners. Post spawn walleyes are attracted to spawning shiner minnows. Key locations are large shallow water sandy flats with newly emerging vegetation. The best water depths are 7 to 11 feet. These are prime shiner spawning locations. Fishing guides in Brainerd, MN will target these locations in the spring. Every fishing guide has their favorite method to drag a jig. Todd's technique uses a bow mount trolling motor. A 1/8oz ball head jig with a 3x long shanked hook is key to this technique. A 3 inch spot tail shiner is threaded onto the hook by first passing the hook through the shiner's lower lip, then out its gills, and then up through the center of its body so the hook passes out by its dorsal fin. Most Brainerd fishing guides prefer a 7 foot spinning rod spooled with 8lb test mono for this application. Position the boat downwind of likely area with the bow mount trolling motor down. Every Brainerd fishing guide has their favorite troll speed but Todd's is .9 mph. Cast the jig back 40 to 50 feet behind the boat and let it settle towards the bottom. The boat's momentum will slowly pull the slack out of the line. The key to this technique is ticking the bottom. Every Brainerd fishing guide worth his salt knows ticking bottom means catching walleyes. Pop the rod occasionally with two to three foot pull of the rod and then let the jig ease back to the bottom. Many times a hungry walleye will take in the jig as it falls. Always test for a fish before popping the bait. A small tug, tug usually gives the fish away. Drop the rod back to the fish when a fish is felt and then sweep the rod forward with a long steady pull of the rod. Tell your fishing guide to get the net. There's a Minnesota walleye on the other end of the line.


Todd has been a fishing guide for many years. He is an excellent choice for those wishing to groups to catch walleye, bass, or northern pike in the Brainerd Lakes. Todd is easy going, friendly, and knowledgeable. He is a good choice for those seeking a fishing guide in Brainerd, Minnesota. Todd typically runs a tiller boat. His boats are usually twenty one foot in length and powered by 115hp Yamaha 4-stroke engines. He can accommodate fishing groups with up to three individuals with no problem and he can also fish groups up to four people if weather conditions allow. This Brainerd fishing guide is good with all types of anglers. Todd, like all fishing guides in Brainerd coalition, provides all tackle, gear, and live bait. He can pick you up from your hotel, cabin, or resort.

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