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Perry consistently fishes 100+ days each season. These include fishing tournaments, promotional activities, and working as a Brainerd fishing guide. One of his favorite walleye fishing lakes is Millie Lacs. The lake is located 18 miles east of town and is a local favorite amongst walleye fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. Mille Lacs is a large body of water with many underwater structures. The lake's bottom is a diverse mixture of mud, gravel, and sand. The mud regions, or mud flats, are rich with mayfly larva and attract large numbers of hungry walleye in early June. Every Brainerd fishing guide has their favorite method of fishing the mud flats. Perry's favorite is the slow death rig. Mustad's slow death hook, size #4, tipped with a piece of night crawler is the key to this rig. While some Brainerd fishing guides might use a three way rig for this presentation, Perry prefers a 2oz spring style bottom bouncer with a 30 inch snell. The key to effectively fishing this rig is to search out likely spots with your electronics before wetting a line. Key locations are windblown edges of flats in 27 to 32 feet of water. The heavy sinker allows precise contact with the bottom. Depending on the wind, try to maintain a drift rate of .5 to .9 mph while working parallel to the edge of structure. The line's angle to the water should be about 45 degrees. Brainerd fishing guides have used this line watching technique to judge drift rate for years. Point the rod back towards the fish when a bite is felt and then sweep the rod forward with a long firm pull. Most Brainerd fishing guides will use 7 1/2 foot casting rods spooled with 10lb test for this technique. The longer rod provides better hook ups and the trigger handle grips are easier to hold. While some fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota might still use mono on their bottom bouncer rigs, most fishing guides have switched to synthetic braids for these types of applications. The low stretch characteristics of braids provide higher hooking percentages than mono.


Perry is an excellent fishing guide for groups wishing to learn more about walleye fishing in the Brainerd Lakes area. Perry runs a new Lund pro staff boat each season. They are typically twenty-one foot in length, have a windshield, and powered by a 250hp Mercury Verado 4-stroke. He can accommodate fishing groups with up to four individuals. Perry, like all of the fishing guides in the Brainerd coalition, will provide all gear, tackle, and live bait. He can pick you up from your hotel, cabin, or resort.

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