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The jig worm combo is one of Royal's favorite bass fishing techniques for catching largemouth bass in the Brainerd Lakes area. The rig consists of a 5/32oz lead jig with a 3x strong long shanked hook and a seven inch rubber worm. The jig has two good shank spades to hold the worm in place but the extra strong hook is the key to this combo. Most Brainerd fishing guides will utilize thicker hooks while bass fishing because they know how a big bass can straighten out a light wire hook. The best worm color can vary from day to day so it helps to have several different colors available. Royal's favorite color is black. Other Brainerd fishing guide favorites include; motor oil, blue fleck, pumpkin seed, and red shad. Royal's favorite bass fishing season is early June. Key locations are edges of newly developing cabbage beds near large shallow water flats. The best have pencil reeds nearby. These are prime post spawn locations for fishing guides in Brainerd, Minnesota. Position the boat in 9 to 12 feet of water while pitching the worm towards shallower water. Let the rig settle to the bottom and then give it a two to three foot pull. Repeat the process back to the boat while reeling up the slack line between pulls. Alter the retrieve's cadence to see what the bass are looking for but don't reel to fast. Good Brainerd fishing guides know slow speeds work best when the water temperatures are below 70 degrees. Most bass strikes occur while the lure is falling but can also occur when the worm is lying motionless on the bottom. Some Brainerd fishing guides will instruct their clients to watch where the line meets the water. A slight line jump will occur when a bass strikes. Set the hook with a long firm sweep of the rod when the line jumps or the thump, thump of a bass is detected. Every Brainerd fishing guide has their favorite fishing rod for this technique. Royal's is a seven foot medium action spinning rod spooled with eight pound test. This setup works well in cabbage weeds and sets the hook well on larger fish.


Royal has been a fishing guide in Brainerd, Minnesota for over forty years. He has worked with legendary Nisswa fishing guides like Al and Ron Linder, Gary Roach, and Marv Koep. Royal is an excellent multi-species fishing guide but his favorite species to target is bass. He is a good choice for those who like action. Royal uses excellent equipment and typically runs a twenty foot tiller boat which seats three anglers and fishing guide comfortably. Royal will target walleye spring and fall but prefers to fish bass throughout the rest of the season. Mornings are his favorite time to fish and he fishes multiply lakes in the region. There are few lakes this Brainerd fishing guide hasn't fished in his forty plus year career. He can meet you at most locations in the Brainerd Lakes area.

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